Maxfrit Extra

High-performance deep-frying oil

Nutritionally valuable
Extremely thermostable
Produces consistently high product quality
Free from hydrogenated fats
Recommended by DGE, ÖGE and SGE 


The System Components

Mamito Classic

for gastronomy & bakeries (2 and 5 l Container)

100% plant-based
Protects deep-frying and pastry frying oils against spoilage (heat/oxygen)
Multiplies the service life of the deep-frying oil
Improves the quality of the end product 


Mamito Control

Measuring instrument

As easy to use as a thermometer
For high-precision oil/fat change
Perfect control of success and daily quality assurance 


Mamito Professional

MTec deep-fryers

Optimal heat output
Electronic temperature regulation with +/– 2 °C accuracy
Fine filtration (optional)
Programmable timer
Effective energy-saving through exceptional tank insulation
Low oil consumption
No additional cost when using Mamito ingredients, thanks to integrated fully automated dosage 


Mamito Perfect

MTec doser

Cost-effective retrofit for any deep-fryer, including pastry frying equipment
Fully-automated dosage of Maxfry ingredients
Adjustable to the relevant tank size. 


End product