Mini-Max Principle

“Achieving maximum deep-frying quality while reducing costs” – that’s our motto. Together with our cooperation partner Maxfry® GmbH and renowned deep-fryer manufacturers, we have developed the Mamito system based on this objective – to deep-fry and fry pastry at superior quality and reduced costs.


Consistently high quality

We have developed the Mamito system for professional use in gastronomy, commercial kitchens and bakeries, facilitating the highest standard of deep-frying: healthy, natural, exquisite and – last, but not least – highly efficient and cost-effective. 


Longer service times

Significantly longer total service time: This diagram illustrates the difference between a conventional oil, and the Mamito deep-frying system. Conventional oil already accumulates polar parts of almost 25% after just over 30 hours and needs to be changed. The Mamito deep-frying system easily facilitates operating times of up to 110 hours without exhibiting any relevant performance fluctuations. That saves costs of frequent oil replacement – and, of course, labour.