MTec professional deep-fryers

Only the best deep-fryers bear the name MTec. Precise workmanship and high-quality materials are only one side of the medal. It’s the inner values that count. High performance, temperature accuracy and consistency make an MTec deep-fryer a superior tool. With the integrated, fully-automated MTec dosage system for Maxfry® deep-frying additives, you are creating the perfect foundation for the Mamito System.  


  • Superior and consistent product quality
  • Exceptionally long deep-frying oil service times
  • High operating safety
  • Easy to use

MTec deep-fryers used in the Mamito system will make your work so efficient that you will recoup the purchase costs through deep-frying oil savings in no time at all.

We can tell you a lot, but you need to test it for yourself. We are happy to offer personal consultations, and provide you with our favourable lease terms for an MTec deep-fryer. If you are genuinely interested in an MTec deep-fryer and the Mamito System, you can arrange a non-binding and free trial with us.

Test it now

Choose the most suitable deep-fryer for your purposes, we are happy to prepare a customised quote for you!