Safety in your hand

It’s not an easy task to determine the condition of your deep-frying or pastry frying oil reliably without any tools, and it requires a lot of experience. However, this is an absolute ‘must’ as part of good quality control, because the quality of the deep-frying or pastry frying oil is key to the quality of the foodstuffs produced.

Obvious aspects, such as the colour of the oil, are not a quality criterion at all, since even darker oil can still be of perfect quality. Changing the oil on spec - or even daily - is economically unreasonable and a waste of money. 

This is where modern measuring instruments come in. They are as easy to use as a thermometer, and provide extremely good information on the condition of your deep-frying or pastry frying oil. Mamito offers various models available in the market.

How to measure with M1

Measurements should be taken in the morning before operations commence.
The deep-fryer’s heat-up phase lends itself to an optimum evaluation.

  1. Switch the measuring instrument on and wait for the running light
  2. Dip the sensor through the holes into the deep-frying oil
  3. Stir slightly to avoid air pockets
  4. The traffic lights will indicate the condition of your oil
  5. A yellow flashing light means measurement error (too hot/too cold)
  6. Enter the values in the HACCP list (download section)